Connecting mobile network operators with owners of real-estate assets

Map based to easily identify locations

Digitised, direct negotiations and contracting

Simple payment, reconciliation and site management

Built to support scale from the start

Sitenna is integrated with stripe so that all transactions are seamless. No more chasing invoices or difficult reconciliation.

Sitenna has been built with all stakeholders in mind

Landlords and Local Authorities

Map, Market, Monetise and Manage your assets on a simple to use portal. Whether street works, rooftop or greenfield, our integrated Stripe payment platform allows seamless reconciliation and on time payments!

TowerCo and Neutral Host

Quickly grow your portfolio by identifying and acquiring new sites. Maximise the return on your investment by marketing and monetising your assets at scale. Unlock these efficiencies all from a single platform.

Mobile Operators

Identify and reserve your optimal sites, negotiate terms and contract in a matter of days. No more screenshots, emails and months long process. Complete your site search within the platform and deploy at scale.

Streamlined, cost effective deployment

Reduces cost of acquiring telecom sites

Forget all those Site Finder Reports and agency fees, our simple, low cost solution is designed for scale so operators can deploy their cash into equipment, not acquisition…

View and manage infrastructure in one location

All your assets, whether landlord or operator, all in one easy to use platform. See all contracts and payments, communicate directly with the other party, and have (for the first time) a clear view on your portfolio!

Speed up 5G deployment

Cut out the months of identifying, negotiating and contracting on sites. Search, click and acquire directly from the platform, ready for the kit to be installed and coverage delivered to the community within days, not months (or even years!)