Sitenna unlocks value by streamlining 5G deployment

Sitenna's cloud based platform enables operators to acquire and deploy at scale


Quickly identify available options


Negotiate, communicate and contract at scale


Reserve preferred options directly


Manage sites, contracts and payments. Request access directly with landlords

Sitenna's integrated payments means you can streamline and easily reconcile invoices

Sitenna empowers operators to quickly scale its site acquisition, while lowering costs

Local Authorities



Mobile Operators

Infrastructure and Neutral Host

Popular features that will change your life


Search, filter and identify the sites you need, whether rooftop or streetworks, Landlord or Neutral Host


Select the sites you like and save the list to acquire at a later date or share with a colleague


Test your sites by bulk download or integration* with your planning tool to identify the optimal site


Take an option on a site for up to 6 months, taking it off the market whilst deciding or negotiating


Negotiate securely with Landlords or Infrastructure providers incl. document sharing, payment terms


Securely contract incl. integrated digital signature and document management system


Agree your payment terms (month, quarter, annual), automating payments and easily reconcile


Secure access directly with Landlords, communicate with colleagues and your TowerCo


All contracts, payments and comms in one place, improving governance and reducing time

Please get in touch to discuss our tiered pricing and discuss what would be most appropriate for your organisation

Easily manage your sites at scale and focus on building the best possible network, not on acquisition

Search, select and acquire available sites

Forget all those Site Finder Reports and agency fees, our simple, low cost solution is designed for scale so operators can deploy their cash into equipment, not acquisition…

Request a site

No site available? Simply draw a polygon, define the type of sites you require and push it into the market to be fulfilled. You will be notified when a landlord or Infrastructure provider responds.

All contracts, communications and payments in one place

Manage your portfolio with all documents in one place, communicate directly with a landlord to gain access, and manage and reconcile payments through our integrated payment platform.