Sitenna helps TowerCos and Neutral Hosts acquire and market mobile sites

Sitenna's end-to-end solution will allow you to manage your assets at scale


Quickly identify available options


Negotiate, communicate and contract with landlords directly through the platform


Market sites to operators directly, including automated payments and reconciliation


Manage sites, contracts, and payments. Communicate directly with landlords and tenants

Sitenna's integrated payments means you can easily reconcile and never have to chase an invoice

Your tenant’s payments automatically transact and reconcile. Just watch the money coming in and the 5G rolling out…

Sitenna offers an end-to-end solution for TowerCos and Neutral Hosts

Site Acquisition

  • Identify sites available incl. Streetworks, Rooftops, Greenfield
  • Negotiate directly or purchase on pre-agreed terms
  • Manage contracts, payments and communications in one place

Digital Sales Platform

  • Map and market your sites with all available sites visible to all operators simultaneously
  • Negotiate and contract directly on the platform
  • Payments received on integrated payment platform

Whether you own a handful of towers or an international portfolio, we can tailor a Sitenna solution for you

Sitenna is designed to support TowerCos and Neutral Hosts throughout their value chain

Search, select and acquire available sites

Acquire sites at scale, from Streetworks to Greenfield, to meet the ever changing demands of mobile operators. From search to acquisition within days, you can scale your portfolio wherever the market needs it.

Monetise your portfolio without increasing your effort

Monetise every site, including encouraging multi-tenant agreements, to make deployments more cost effective and scale with ease.

Team Management has never been easier

Set targets and track performance for both acquisition and sales teams. Set approval levels to streamline processes and manage your team effectively